Keep your product going out the door while you build a culture of accountability and continuous improvement with the ideal shop floor management platform for small to mid-size manufacturers.

Production Pace Timer
Shop Floor IQ Platform Diagram Timers

Production Pace Timers

Keep the pace and the pride going.

Create a team of consistently high performers who take pride in their craftsmanship with configurable, centrally-controlled Takt, or Task timers that you can manage from the shop-floor, the top-floor, or by calendar.

  • Use as many timers as you need and share them between stations, or configure timers for each station.
  • Set timers to count up or down according to your needs.
  • Start and stop timers from the floor, remotely by managers, or automatically by calendar.
  • Audit all start/stop actions for any timer cycle and get automatic notifications when timers expire.
  • Track station efficiency with insightful analytics.

Dispatch Queues

Show your workers that their time is equally valuable.

Prevent downtime through effective communication. You can produce more and waste less by dispatching quality inspectors, weld inspectors, management and critical machinery/assets to a station when needed.

  • Set up as many dispatch queues as you need and designate resources as primary, secondary or backup on one or more queue.
  • Resources are assigned as needed and notified via text or email. Individual resources can communicate their availability by choosing whether they are online or offline.
  • Audit all actions for any dispatch and run analytics to track queue dispatch efficiency.
Maintenance Dispatch Image
Dispatch 042920 web

Andon Stack Lights

Get more visibility online, anywhere.

Improve your labor productivity with help from our virtual (or physical) Andon lights. Station operators can signal up to five different conditions from their station, and management can monitor all statuses in real-time from any internet enabled device.

  • Set up as many Andons as you need, and configure the Andon stack from one to five lights that can have on, off and blink states.
  • Remotely monitor and control the Andon from any internet connected device, and use our rules engine to tie Andon states to resource dispatch requests.
  • Get insights into common statuses with analytics that track historical Andon states.


Communicate effectively with the whole team.

Reduce impact on productivity by enabling messages to be sent and received between individual shop floor stations and the management team. Messages can be delivered via text, e-mail or displayed on the station’s display.

Shop Floor IQ Platform Diagram


You can make new friends, and keep the old.

Through a RESTful API, Shop Floor IQ can integrate with any software. Make both older and newer shop floor technology work, so you can concentrate on doing what you do. With easy, stress-free implementation and plug and play capabilities, you’ll be glad you didn’t buy more than you needed in a software.

Configurable Rules Engine

We work how you work .

Save time and hassle. You won’t have to write a single line of code to use Shop Floor IQ the way you need it. Using our fully integrated rules-engine, you are able to configure Shop Floor IQ to work the way your manufacturing operations work.

Rules Configuration Image
Shop Floor IQ Platform Diagram Rules Engine