Delivering these functions to your Shop Floor!

Countdown Timers

Keep your teams on pace with custom, centrally controlled Takt or Task countdown timers. Configure them per station then control each timer from the shop-floor, the top-floor, or automatically by calendar.

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Dispatch Queues

Need to periodically call for inspection, quality or management resources on the floor? No problem ... set up one or more dispatch queues and let us notify and track the dispatched resources.

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Just need to talk? Send and receive messages between individual shop floor stations and the management team. Messages can be delivered via text, e-mail or simply displayed on the station's display.

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Does Anybody Really Know What Time it is?
We do ... (and yes, we care)

... and so will your teams when you implement Shop Floor IQ's Timers.

  • Setup as many timers as you need
  • Configure them to Countdown or Count-Up
  • Share a timer between stations or enable custom timers for each station
  • Start and stop timers from the floor, remotely by managers or automatically by calendar
  • Automatic notifications when timers expire
  • Audit all start/stop actions for any timer cycle
  • Run analytics to track station efficiency
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Help! I Need Somebody!
Not just anybody ...

Dispatch quality inspectors, weld inspectors, management or even critical machinery/assets to a station when needed.

  • Setup as many dispatch queues as you need
  • Designate resources as primary, secondary or backup resources on one or more queues
  • Resources are assigned as needed and notified via text or e-mail
  • Individual resource can control whether they are online or offline
  • Audit all actions for any dispatch
  • Run analytics to track queue dispatch efficiency

Message in a Bottle?
Or perhaps you'd like a more reliable delivery method ...

Easily send messages between the shop-floor and the top-floor and vice versa.

  • Messages sent to the shop floor can be sent to individual stations or all stations
  • Messages from the shop floor can be addressed to individual users or a role
  • Users receiving messages are notified via text or e-mail
  • Messages are records in the station audit log for a complete history

I Can See Clearly Now
the Display Driver is here!

Our low-cost Display Driver eliminates the need to deploy and manage a PC at every station.

  • Assign each Display Driver to a station. Automatically displays the station at startup
  • Optionally attach up to two Button Boxes
  • Optionally attach a keyboard, mouse and/or barcode scanner
  • Easily mounted to the back of the monitor
  • Wi-Fi enabled or use direct conected ethernet
  • Compatible with any HDMI or DVI enabled display
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Don't Stop Me Now
or do ... using our Button Box

Configure buttons to correspond to actions on the station's screen.

  • Stop / start timers from the floor
  • Each button box can have up to 5 custom-colored buttons
  • Connect up to 2 Button Boxes to each Display Driver
  • Eliminates the need for a mouse or keyboard at the station
  • Integrate other sensors to your buttons
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